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This design was created for the eponymous design challenge. The world of scents plays and important part in my life,

so I was truly excited to create it. It was very well received in the contest and placed 9th ot of 700+ entries.

Besides aromatic plants, I was inspired by wall charts and the Old World books on botany from traveling botanical art masters. Hence I went with the more classical botanical illustration feel here, carefully painting the motifs in watercolor

and complementing them with an elegant script font.

Fun fact: there is a typo in "Lavandula angustifolia" - the English lavender - I typed an "S" instead of "A" in "angustifolia" and only noticed it much later. I decided to keep it that way because the "S" looks prettier

(the capital A in this font looks like a giant hand-written lowe-case "a"). You can see it on Lavender fabric on the 6th slide.

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