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Who doesn't like coloring? Good thing you can keep doing it as an adult by becoming a textile designer.

Extensive recoloring requires both technical skills and an eye for design, I have been committed to mastering both through years of practice and, well, looking! (and also many mistakes and redo's)

Besides creating original artwork, I am capable of working with raster, index and vector artwork -

solving a color riddle is one of my favorite things to do!

Be it selecting a soft and muted palette or working with bold bright tones - I'm up for any color challenge. 

I love selecting colorways appropriate for the product category, with a balance between traditional, well-selling and more contemporary, edgier colorways.

I've always had a special relationship with color - from painting to digital PD design through choosing clothes, makeup, interiors, growing flowers - color is everywhere and everything. I love color as a concept and a whole, I go through color periods (currently on tangerine!) - but I would never be able to choose a single favorite color.

* viewing on a desktop computer is recommended for the best experience as opposed to mobile devices.

This section includes my original art as well as TJX owned artwork where stated individually

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