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Monique Border Quilt 

Monique_blue_w reverse.jpg

This sophisticated quilt in Queen and King sizes was designed for Summer 2018 and could be found in Home Goods and TJMaxx stores across the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. It started off with beautiful artwork, I prepared the orignal terracotta and teal colors for production and created an additional blue colorway. I suggested and created the subtle pattern in the middle, as well as the reverse foulard pattern. I also created an engineered corner style (below).

Monique_Border_Queen_C1 corner.jpg

Original artwork property of TJX 

Engineered corner by me


Monique Border Quilt

Dino Map Kids' Quilt

With Dino Map.jpg
Dino Map_ blue.jpg
Dino Map 2 colorways.jpg

Dino Map came a long way from being a tiny sketch to a full-fledged fun quilt for boys. Since the original work started at a very small scale, all the little imperfections became more noticeable when the artwork was blown up to a quilt size. I did a lot of meticulous CAD work improving the linework quality, adding palm trees, footprints and mountains. Below is the dinosaur, pre- and post leg surgery that I did. 


Hmmm... dino anatomy issues :)

Dino _ post.jpg

The patient after the surgery

I did two colorways - one in classic boy colors, blue and gray, and the other one in soft khaki greens. I also created a paw print for the reverse. 

Dino Map_C2 Mini Bed.jpg
Dino Footprints_C2 filled_.jpg

Designed exclusively for TJX Companies

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