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Postal Reminiscence

This design was created as an entry to a design challenge with the brief of "Snail Mail".

I was really inspired by the topic and decided to put together all of my favorite things: vintage botanical illustration, hand writing and romantic correspondence, delicate flora, pretty insects - all with a touch of natural history and nostalgia.

I worked in watercolor painting, ink pen drawing and block printing techniques.

I used illustrations that I had created over several years (they were sitting in my sketchbooks waiting for their time)

and I made some more specifically for the case. 

It ended up placing 9th out of 1000+ entries and caught the eye of the fashion designer Jasmin Abu Naba'a

who used the fabric for her gorgeous feminine collection.

A Honduran fashion designer, blogger and entrepreneur Atenas Hernández wore a couple pieces from the collection during

her photoshoot for the Cromos magazine cover and interview (October 2021, the Honduras edition).

Her daughter is wearing an adorable romper from the same collection!

Later I developed Postal Reminiscence into a silk scarf design and the Not So Junk Journal collection (see portfolio).

It will forever be a very special artwork for me as it is so characteristic of my style! 

* viewing on a desktop computer is recommended for the best experience as opposed to mobile devices

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